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Primopus appreciates art, innovation and impetus

Primopus at CPHI and Miro Museum

A big thank you to all our clients who attended our booth and our splendid CPHI event at the Picasso/Miro event. The splendid art is an inspiration to all those who appreciate creativity. So it is with our brand Amideus and its focus on phosphoramidites.

You cannot simply think today that one region can supply all the necessary ingredients to make successful pharma. This is why our ‘best of both worlds’ facilities match the strengths of two cultures to produce incredible chemistry of their own.

When we return to our various locations around the world from wonderful Barcelona we will be tired but inspired by the joy of life.

Thanks to all who made our trip productive and memorable in equal measure.

Marcel Velterop
CEO and Member of the Board at Primopus

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