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Excellence in PR&D, RSM and API delivering exceptional life-embracing pharma services to global innovators

Located at the GETEC Basel Pharma Hub our large GMP-integrated manufacturing facility is ideally located for clients.

Our Swiss site will be net zero carbon by 2028 for all utilities and reach COP26 goals of net zero carbon by 2050.

Backward integrating into a large and expanding PR&D and scale-up RSM team at our Goa, India site offering quality, value and scientific excellence.

Exceptional life means we challenge ourselves every day to reduce our environmental footprint and leave the planet healthy for the next generation

Primopus® at a Glance

Primopus® is a CMO/CDMO and producer of complex RSM’s, GMP intermediates and API’s. Our facility is based near Basel, Switzerland which is equipped with over 250m3 reactor capacity. We also have a large PR&D and scale-up team at our Goa, India site.

North America is expected to dominate the Phosphoramidite market over the next five years


Read how North America is expected to dominate the Phosphoramidite market over the next five years.

Primopus CPHI 2024


We look forward to exhibiting at CPHI Milan in October. Preparations are well underway and we hope to see you all there.

Primopus working with us

Working with us

One of our biggest strengths is our customer focused approach to relationships. We very much focus on high-level bespoke contact.


Primopus follows ICH Q7 guidance regarding good manufacturing practices for the drug substances it supplies. We have a GMP culture backed up with great SOP and modern equipment which is a perfect starting point for any RSM.

CMC Process Development

Once your molecule requirements are defined, Primopus will develop and optimize the chemical processes. We follow a “phase-appropriate” strategy to achieve the highest quality products in a cost-effective manner with a strong emphasis on delivering the material on time with sustainability built in to our core.


We operate out of a former Novartis API plant near Basel, Switzerland. It is equipped with over 250m3 reactor capacity in a 17,000m2 plant with ample capacity to make key API ingredients. Our efforts are supported by a large and expanding PR&D and scale-up team in Goa, India.