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Our Time-Smart Philosophy

Efficient use of time, valuing our customers’ time and project deadlines impacts massively on delivering the end-product or service. This could be the supply of RSMs through to the commercialisation and manufacturing of finished APIs.

Fundamental in our approach is everyone buying into the culture of quality while seeing constantly where we can make decisions faster with efficient use of digital systems.

At Primopus we guarantee that senior leaders are actively involved in overseeing the progress of all projects. Any bottlenecks or deviations from the original plans will be advised promptly with scientific and commercial justifying.

Taking time to ‘think’ and deploying the right personnel in the right meetings is essential to getting results in a timely fashion. SOP linked to viewing ‘time’ as if it is a key starting material or metric reduces the loss of opportunity (opportunity cost) of not delivering a process or key stage faster than might have been originally thought. This saves resources and will lead to patients getting life-improving therapies faster.

Time Smart Philosophy at Primopus