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Fmoc Amino Acids for Peptides

Primopus is dedicated to bringing its backward integrated best of both worlds approach to the production of Fmoc Amino Acids.

The rapid growth experienced in the peptide segment is widely known of course and we have developed an entry strategy with preferred access to high quality amino acids and Fmoc-Osu made in India.

We have developed an in-house Fmoc-Osu process which will be scaled up in a brand new phosgenation plant during 2024 at our parent company Deccan Fine Chemicals.

Currently, 3 Fmoc-amino acids are in development in our labs in Muttenz and Goa, namely:

  1. Fmoc-L-Valine-OH
  2. Fmoc-L-Tryptophan-OH
  3. Fmoc-L-Lysine-OH
  4. Additional ones are under evaluation and will be added in the next few months.

Here is Fmoc-L-Tryptophan which is being developed at our Goa facility and then transferred to our plant in Switzerland for the final Fmoc-Osu amino acid protection.

Fmoc-L-Tryptophan from Primopus

Our long term aim is to produce some 10-15 Fmoc versions out of the 20 natural amino acids.

Stay tuned for more updates and news on this front.