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Basel, Switzerland

We operate out of a former Novartis API plant near Basel, Switzerland. It is equipped with over 250m3 reactor capacity in a 17,000m2 plant with ample capacity to make key API ingredients. The plant has made innovator intermediates and API’s for over 30 years with an outstanding track record.

The plant is being upgraded and modernized including full DCS automation and a digital GMP compliant document management system. Sustainability is at the core of how we do things. Our Swiss site will be net zero carbon by 2028 for all utilities and thereafter we will meet the COP26 goals of net zero carbon by 2050.

We are establishing R&D capability at our Swiss site which will aid and allow us to make small molecule chemistry and phosphoramidites.

Goa, India

Our efforts are supported by a large and expanding PR&D and scale-up team at the Santa Monica Works, in Goa, India. The scale-up team has some of the best small to mid-scale reactors in India. The facilities was designed and built to co-exist in harmony with nature with over 50 animal species and more than 87 different species of plants.

Deccan Fine Chemicals

Our developing fully integrated small molecule supply from our Swiss site is backwards integrated into 3 large sites at our parent company, Deccan Fine Chemicals, in India. Deccan has extensive capacity to supply competitive RSMs.

Click here to read more about our backward integration.

Deccan Fine Chemicals