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Backward Integration

Large scale backward integration of building blocks and custom fine chemicals

Primopus, through its parent company Deccan Fine Chemicals, has access to a large range of building blocks and fine chemicals.

These are produced at dedicated ISO 9001 operated sites in India and can be customized as required. The reactor capacity exceeds 10,000 KL including a large number of Hastelloy reactors aside from the typical reactors used.

This gives Primopus, the ability to secure critical custom-building blocks required for all phases of NCE development we perform for our customers, especially for launch and commercial supply.

Below are a set of example reactions and structures readily available:

Deccan Fine Chemicals site in India
Commercial scale reactions - Hydrogenations
Commercial scale reactions - Heterocyclics
Commercial scale reactions – Aromatic Chemistry
Commercial scale reactions – Fluorination
Commercial scale reactions – Sample full syntheses