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A CDMO That is Ideally Placed to Meet the Rapidly Changing Pharma Supply Chain Thinking

Primopus Supply Chain News

Driven by a strong geo-political de-risking of overly dependent supply chain arrangements, a drastic rethinking about searching for and developing alternative options is underway in the pharma industry. This is evidenced by several leading companies defining new policies and the separation of activities from select countries.

Primopus has been working diligently to repurpose the pharma Intermediate and API facility it acquired in Switzerland and lays heavy emphasis on sustainable solutions. Our utilities will be net zero carbon from 2028 onwards.
The backward integration to our parent company Deccan Fine Chemicals in India brings massive scale and a huge resource of scientists who have experience in safely scaling-up of complex molecules.

With the launch of our Amideus brand this year, a lot of focus continues to be put on developing, scaling up and supplying of Phosphoramidites (RSMs) to the Oligonucleotide modality which is rapidly gaining interest in the industry.

As the offering broadens with additional critical RSM’s and custom intermediates we are listening to more customers asking about a 2nd independent supply chain option for their strategic API’s. This trend is accelerating and the importance of our Swiss/Indian cultural blend is pivotal in our hybrid value proposition which ultimately improves the reliable supply of essential and complex medicines to global patients.

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