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Encouraging Biodiversity

Biodiversity at Primopus

Primopus is organising a VIP event during CPHI Frankfurt, focused on preserving biodiversity and ecosystems at the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt. (Watch our brief video presentation below.)

This event will be centred around a talk by Prof. Dr Katrin Bӧhning-Gaese, director of the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Center. She won the German Environmental Award in 2021, the largest award for ecological and social commitment in Europe.

The need for the protection of all species on our planet, addressing climate change and embracing human life is an urgent call to action for all of us. We thank Prof. Böhning-Gaese and the Senckenberg for their efforts to promote biodiversity and see this as critically important in our everyday lives at home or in business.

Primopus is developing its CDMO capability in Basel on a site which is being reinvigorated and invested in. It is setting ambitious carbon reduction plans: net zero carbon utilities by 2028. Deccan Fine Chemicals have implemented a wealth of initiatives from tree planting to wildlife habitat preservation.

We have created this brief video presentation that outlines these various initiatives to date and yet there is much more to do. We hope this example will inspire others to follow suit, just as we are inspired by those calling for more positive initiatives. ‘Embracing Exceptional Life’ means we have to value all life on our planet to preserve it for future generations.

Marcel Velterop
CEO Primopus