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These rules in this policy are called “Primopus – Conduct & Ethics Rules” and shall apply to all employees of Primopus. The Code of Conduct is intended to provide guidance on behavioural & ethical standards and overall policies of the company. The policy is designed to help foster a positive work culture in accordance with the company’s values.

‘Company’ means Primopus AG, Basel, Switzerland.

‘Employee’ as applicable here, is a person appointed to any position by the Managing Director or any other personnel authorized by him. This term includes employees, trainees, personnel hired on temporary basis, consultants, and interns etc.,

‘Competent Authority’ means Managing Director or any other authorized personnel.


Every employee shall at all times:
a) Maintain absolute integrity.
b) Maintain devotion to duty.
c) Maintain absolute discipline.
d) Maintain punctuality.
e) Show proper respect to members of public, visitors, customers, and prospective customers of the Company.
f) Use his/her best endeavor to promote the interest of the Company.

Integrity and Honesty:
Primopus is committed to conduct its business in accordance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations and with highest standards of business ethics. The employees of Primopus shall act in accordance with the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, honesty and ethical conduct within or outside the Company’s premises. The employees are expressly prohibited from demanding and /or accepting any gratification, obtaining a valuable thing without or inadequate consideration from a person with whom he has or may have official dealings, obtaining for self or any other person pecuniary benefits by corrupt or illegal means. They shall act free from misrepresentation, suppression, and deception. Employees shall keep themselves away from taking part in political parties, illegal activities, private trade or employment other than Primopus.

Unauthorized communication of information:
No employee shall, except in accordance with any general or special order of the company or acting in good faith of the duties assigned to him/her, communicate, directly or indirectly, any official document or any information in full or part thereof, to any employee or any other person to whom he is not authorized to communicate such information, document, files, literature, standards, floppies, electronic media or in any other media of information.

No employee shall divulge any of the trade secrets, specifications, patents, discoveries, inventions, etc., of the Company with any unauthorized person. Confidential information of customers & prospects shall not be divulged. All discoveries/inventions, patents done by any employee of the Company shall automatically be the property of the Company.

Publication of Company’s documents:
By virtue of employment in the company, the employees during the service and the after, bind with the terms and conditions of the confidentiality agreements, nondisclosure agreements and terms of confidentiality of service agreements with the existing and prospective clients.

Pursing higher education:
Primopus encourages employees pursuing their higher education. No employee shall take up further studies / courses – evening or part-time, without prior written permission of the management.

Evidence before committees or other authorities:
No employee shall except with previous sanction of the competent authority give evidence in connection with inquiry conducted by any person, committee or any authority which is prejudicial to the interest of the Company.
However, this rule is not applicable in case of evidence given to an inquiry appointed by the Government or any other judicial enquiry, keeping the Company informed of the same.

Consequences of violation:
Violation of any one or more of the said conduct rules will be viewed seriously and the same will be recorded in his/her personal file and punishable with one or more of the following:
· Stoppage of increment or promotion or both
· Reduction in compensation
· Termination of employment
· Any other punishment, at the discretion of the management

The Company reserves the right to add, modify, cancel or amend all or any of these rules or any part thereof, or to issue any supplementary rules in connection with these Rules, without previous notice of its intention, as well as the right to give effect thereto from the date of commencement of these rules.

Employee shall disclose the details of his/her association with professional institutions and other membership to Primopus. They should also disclose about their continuing education.